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Friday, November 22, 2013

Malayalam Movies: Quantity Vs. Quality

It has been some time since a review was put up on MFB.  Not because I have not been watching movies, but the once that I did see (I have not seen ALL new movies), are not quite up to par on what the Malayali people deserve in my opinion.

I have seen a movies from Mohnlal, Anoop Menon and Aamir Khan over the past few weeks.  By no means am I trying to compare these three, two of which are legends.  Looking at the body of work in all three movies, I would say the following:

Anoop Menon - Buddy:

    I consider Anoop Menon to be one of the "Quality" film makers in Malayalam.  Him along with people like Fahadh Faasil, Indrajith, Prithviraj etc. have shown the ability to be somewhat selective in the projects that they associate with.  This is a great trend, one which I hope even some of the senior artists take note off.
Buddy, unfortunately, is not a good flick.  Not as bad as one of the worst Malayalam movies of all time, Casanova, but still I expected better.  Especially since it had Balachandra Menon, who has a history of doing quality films over quantity.

Mohanlal - Ladies and Gentle Man:

     The great Mohanlal, whom we all know to be extremely talented and one of the best that Malayalam Film has ever had (At least in my lifetime).  It is just sad to see such a veteran and talented actor keep doing bad flicks.  Not sure if it's because of contractual obligations or not, but why not be more selective?  I think only one man knows the answer.  To be fair, Ladies and Gentle Man is not a horrible film and Mohanlal, as always, did a good job with his role: but I hold Mohanlal to a higher standard than what this film delivered.

There have been really good work from him in the past couple of years (Run Baby Run, Grandmaster, Spirit), I just want to see more of them.  I would love to see him doing more humble roles like the good old days.

Obviously he is not alone in doing inferior quality films in Malayalam.  Majority of the movies seem to be cranked out of a machine.  No one desirves the blame more than us, the the viewers.  We, the Malayali, people, not only keep on accepting these kind of cookie cutter films, but also make them a success.  Until the people ask for more, I don't think we'll receive it.

Aamir Khan - Gajani (I know, I's been out for a long time):

      I had seen the Tamil version with Surya when it first came out, and had skipped on the Hindi.  Wow, even though I knew the story, the movie kept me fully entertained.  Amir Khan is the reason why I was entertained (Asin did not hurt).  The guy basically transformed himself for the role.  The dedication to spend a year preparing for a role so that me, the viewer, can be that much more entertained was just awesome.  From what I have heard and read, this is pretty common for Amir Khan and a select few others.  To give it there all for there films, rather than being part of the Machine that cranks out a movie from a mold.

In Conclusion:

Like I mentioned earlier, part of the problem may be the Malayali people not demanding a better product.  Part of the problem maybe that there is not enough of a Market in Malayalam to recoup the cost required to do a "Special" film.  Whatever it maybe, I just hope the Malayalam Film Makers figure out a formula that allows them to put out a better product.