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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Malayalam Movie Review - Mallu Singh (Rating 3.0/5 Star)

It's not all that different of a movie, but great MUSIC!!! 


Theatrical poster
Directed byVyshakh
Produced byNeeta Anto
Written bySethu
StarringUnni Mukundan
Kunchacko Boban
Samvrutha Sunil
Biju Menon
Manoj K. Jayan
Meera Nandan
Rupa Manjari
Aparna Nair
Asif Ali
Music byM Jayachandran


Like I mentioned before, although the setting of the movie is different and welcoming, the movie itself is made in a similar mold that most Malayalam Movies are made.  The location of the movie being in Gujarath, brings in a nice dimension.  The movie is full of great lively songs with beautiful scenary and great dancing.  I heard in one of the interviews with Unni Mukundan that, a requirements for him to get the role in the movie was that he needed to dance well.  Him and Kunchacko Boban certainly shows they have skills especially in the song "Kakka Malayile ".  Which in my opinion is one of the liveliest Malayalam Dance Songs.

Biju Menon, hot off of his performance in "Ordinary", once gain has a role and performance that will be very pleasing to the audience.

I also appreciate and give props to Asif Ali for his willingness in taking on roles that are very small.  He has a guest appearance in Mallu Singh, which while small, is critical to the story line.

Mallu Singh is one of the highest grossing films of 2012, so obviously a lot of people are liking it.  I still think it's a worth watch movie, but it does not live up to the hype.

All in all, Defiantly checkout the Songs.  The movie itself is Worth a Watch (If you have the time). 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Malayalam Movie Review - Grandmaster (Rating 3.75/5 Star)

I Think Mohanlal may have gotten his Mojo back!!!



Obviously Mohanlal is one of the most talented actors that the Malayalam/Indian film industry has.  I am a fan whome over the past several years have grown to dislike most of the Mohanlal films as they seem to be just pumped out of a factory.  In numerous occasions I have questioned why Mohanlal (and many other Indian actors) are not more selective with there choices especially for the more accomplished of actors.  Along with the quality of the films they choose, I feel, they often select the wrong characters to pursue.  At some point in a male actors career, he just won't fit as the loverboy in a college.  People grow old, it's a natural progression...why fight it so much!!!.  Now all the blame should not just go on the actors as it seems like a lot of the audience is also fine with this type of a casting and want it.

All that being said, Grandmaster is a very entertaining thriller in which Mohanlal is cast perfectly for the role of Chandrasekhar (an IPS officer).  This is one of the first "Thrillers" in Malayalam, where the movie is well made.  The creators have gone to great detail to make the story as believable as possible and close many loopholes which are normally left wide open in Malayalam movies (But not all).  The story line is a bit complex, but the story progresses beautifully.  

On a side note: It seems like Anoop Menon is very good at selecting movies.

Certainly a Must Watch!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Malayalam Movie Preview- "Husbands in Goa"

When I go to watch a movie, while I like a great movie w/ a wonderful message and one that makes your brain work overtime, I much rather prefer two hours of unadulterated laughter!!!!  While a lot of old Malayalam Classics offer these, it seems to be harder to come by these days.

The original "Happy Husbands" was one where I enjoyed thoroughly as it was a simple story line delivered beautifully.  The casting was perfect.

I happen to run across the below preview of "Husbands in Goa" the other day and I can't wait.  Looks good and the addition off Asif Ali and Lal seems like a good fit.

It's sucks that my expectations are high now (Most of the time, things don't work out when my expectations are hight), but I hope Husbands in Goa lives up to it!!!!


Monday, August 06, 2012

Malayalam Movie Review - "22 Female Kottayam" (Rating 3.75/5 Star)

Malayalam Film has always been very receptive to new Actresses (more so than Actors).  Very few actually stick around for extended periods of time though, Rima Kallingal is one that I think we will be seeing for some time!!!


22 Female Kottayam

Promotional poster
Directed byAashiq Abu
Produced byO. G. Sunil
Written byAbhilash Kumar
Shyam Pushkaran
StarringRima Kallingal
Fahad Fazil
Music byBijibal
Rex Vijayan (BGM)


Although I saw the movie a while back, never really got around to putting it up here.  The story line is usually not my cup of tea but it was done nicely where it kept my interest and the two lead roles played by Rima Kallingal and Fahad Fzil does a great job.  I don't know how much of it is reality, but I have heard from others that things like this does happen.  So if the movie brings some awareness to the people, GREAT!!!

The last year or so, I feel, there has been a change in the movies that the Malayalam Film industry is putting out.  A change which was overdue.  There are a lot of quality movies being made.  Not by the superstars and the well known names but a lot of newcomers and lesser known individuals that has been around but never really "made it".  I'm loving it!!!  This movie is write up that alley.

There is a reference to girls from Kottayam in the movie which really ticked off my father as we watched the movie together.  I found this to be amusing (Both the dialogue and my dads reaction to it lol).

"22 Female Kottayam" is a daring story line, one which I really did not expect to see in Malayalam.