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Biju Menon has found his niche!!!

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Monday, November 03, 2014

Malayalam TV Series: Onnum Onnum Moonu

My Wife had been asking me to check out Onnum Onnum Moonu on Mazhavil Manorama for some time.  I finally got around to it a few months back and I have no regrets.  It is a talk show hosted by the perky and animated play back singer Rimi Tomy.

Just FYI: Literal translation of Onnum Onnum Moonu is One Plus One is Three.

People that know Rimi Tomy probably fall into two categories, those that love her or just can't stand her.  The best feature about her is that she is not bothered one bit which side of that you are on, and that's what makes the show work.  The always quirky and bubbly Rimi is able to bring out a side of the celebrities that come on the show that the audience usually won't see.

Rimi is not afraid to talk about a subject no matter how silly it may make her look and this somehow puts all the guests in a similar mood.  The creators of the show add in some games, singing and guest appearances, all of which highlights Rimi's quirkiness and provides insight on the guests.  The show has become very popular, so much so that Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone were guests on the show in a recent episode.

I have yet to see the show live on Mazhavil Manorama, as almost all the episodes are available on YouTube.  So Check it out, and chances are you will not be disappointed.

A sample Vedikettu:

Friday, October 31, 2014

Malayalam Movie Review - Vellimoonga (Rating 3.75/5 Star)

Vellimoonga - Cast Poster

Biju Menon has found his niche!!!


Vellimoonga - Biju Menon as Mamachan
In the past few years, there has been a real transformation for Biju Menons roles in Malayalam movies.  He has had some real success in comedy.  The pairing of Kunchacko Boban and Biju Menon has put out a few enjoyable movies recently (The best being Ordinary).  I believe Vellimoonga is the first move in which Biju Menon is single handily contributing to making the movie a hit.  While the movie has a great lineup of cast members delivering memorable performances, Biju Menon brings it all together with his delivery Mamachan.

Vellimoonga is a lighthearted flick with plenty of comedy from a
Vellimoonga - Biju Menon and Nikki Galraniwide range of characters that fit in well.  The fact that Mamachan (Biju Menon), a bachelor north of 40 years of age, is a pseudo politician adds a lot of comedic flare to the movie.  To add to that, he falls for Lina, played by Nikki Galrani, who is the daughter of Mamachan's old classmate.  Yes, this also brings in plenty of comedy.

Vellimoonga - Aju Varghese as AntonyAju Varghese has a key role in the film as Antony who is Mamachan's side kick.  Aju is probably one of the best comedic supporting actors in Malayalam film currently.  I am a big fan.

Vellimoonga is definitely a movie that you should watch if you enjoy classic Malayalam Comedy films!!!


Film poster
Directed byJibu Jacob
Produced byShashidharan Ullattil
Written byJoji Thomas
StarringBiju Menon
Aju Varghese
Nikki Galrani
K. P. A. C. Lalitha
Tini Tom
Narrated byLal Jose
Music byBijibal


Music (Stuff that's on my playlist):

  • Punchiri Kannullaa

  • Vellaram Kannulla Vellimoonga

    Friday, August 15, 2014

    Malayalam Movie Review - Vikramadithyan (Rating 3.75/5 Star)

    Vikramadithyan Malayalam Poster

    Another hit from Dr. Iqbal Kuttipuram and Lal Jose !!!


    Another hit from Dr. Iqbal Kuttipuram (Mohammad) and Lal Jose. The movie takes us through the life of three friends (sort of). I think couple of lines from an article on sums it up well:

    Vikramadithyan - Dulquer Salmaan, Namitha Pramod and Unni Mukundan
    This story is about three friends who are involved in a special relationship,” said Mohammad. “It’s not a triangle love story but more a story of two young men, who never defined themselves as enemies or friends. They are fiercely competitive when it comes to pursuing their respective goals in life.

    Vikramadithyan - Namitha PramodDr. Iqbal Kuttipuram, who wrote Vikramadithyan, also wrote the wildly popular film, Diamond Necklace, a few years back.  Similar to Fahadh in Diamond Necklace, this movie features some of the young talented actors from Malayalam.  Unni Mukundan as Vikraman, Dulquer Salmaan as Adithyan and Namitha Pramod as Deepika make up the core.  All three of them synced very well and delivered quality performances. 

    This movie opened up for Eid and went up against a Mammootty movie, Manglish, and won. Wonder if Mammootty was happy or sad about that.  I hope happy.

    Vikramadithyan - Santhosh KeezhattoorMost of the movie unfolds as flash backs and does a good job of keeping the viewer interested.  Few slow points in the first half of the film but finishes strong.  Continuing the cast of young actors is Nivin Pauly who makes a cameo appearance.  Anoop Menon, Lena & Joy Mathew have smaller yet important roles and certainly adds to the movie. Anoop Menon especially has taken a detour from his typical role to play an impact full yet negative character.  Although only for a short portion of the film and playing the lovable negative character, newcomer Santhosh Keezhattoor, who played Kunjunni Menon (Adithyans father) was a pleasant touch.  Wish him best of luck in finding more significant roles.

    Over all I enjoyed the film very much and would certainly recommend it. One criticism I have though has to do with the biggest "Twist" in the film. I wish the team had given it some more thought in making the situation more believable. Nevertheless, Vikramadithayan is over all a well done movie from every aspect.



    Film poster
    Directed byLal Jose
    Produced byLal Jose
    Mohan Nambiar
    Written byIqbal Kuttipuram
    StarringDulquer Salmaan
    Namitha Pramod
    Unni Mukundan
    Music byBijibal


    Music (Stuff that's on my playlist):

    • Mazhanila

    • Manathe Chandanakkeeru

      • Anthichoppil

      • Mekham

      Wednesday, July 09, 2014

      Malayalam Movie Review - Bangalore Days(Rating 3.75/5 Star)

      Bangalore Days Best Poster

      Bangalore Days is a fun ride!!!


      Bangalore Days, Dulquer Salman, Nazriya Nazi, Nivin Pauly
      Bangalore Days from Anjali Menon, who wrote and directed the movie, is making all types of waves at the Box-office.  While she is not totally new to the Malayalam film industry she is a relative newcomer.  She made her directorial debut with Kerala Cafe followed by Manjadikuru.  In the super hit film from 2012, Ustad Hotel, Anjali Menon was the screenwriter.  She continues her winning ways with Bangalore Days.
      Bangalore Days, Fahadh FaasilI read an article online that Bangalore Days opened up in 98 screens in Kerala and a whopping 105 outside (The norm for outside Kerala is around 12 theaters).  I am not sure if this 105 theaters outside includes all the screens outside of India.  This movie has been hugely popular in the US and other countries.

      Bangalore Days, Anjali MenonAnjali Menon and the team has done a masterful job in taking four of the hottest actors in Malayalam today and putting them all on the screen with equal importance to each w/out effecting the story.  The movie is essentially the story of three cousins, Divya (Nazriya Nazim), Kuttan (Nivin Pauly) and Arjun (Dulquer Salmaan ) as they take on some transitions in there life.  One of the transitions involve Divya, Nazriya's Character, marrying Das played by Fahadh Faasil.

      All the characters deliver strong performances especially the four leads.  Put all that together with Bangalore as the backdrop, some great music, and Parvathy Menon, Nithya Menen & Isha Talwar in smaller yet important roles and you got yourself a hit.

      Maybe because of all the big names, but the movie is a solid three hours long but you never feel like it is "Too" long.
      Bangalore Days, Parvathy Menon, Duquer SalmaanBangalore Days, isha Talwar, Nivin Pauly

       Looking forward to the next big hit from Anjali Menon.


      Bangalore Days
      'Bangalore Days' 2014 Malayalam Film - Poster.jpg
      Film poster
      Directed byAnjali Menon
      Produced byAnwar Rasheed
      Sophia Paul
      Written byAnjali Menon
      StarringDulquer Salmaan
      Fahadh Faasil
      Nivin Pauly
      Nazriya Nazim
      Parvathy Menon
      Isha Talwar
      Nithya Menen
      Music byGopi Sunder


      Music (Stuff that's on my playlist):

      • Wedding Song - Maangalyam
      • Nam Ooru Bengaluru

      Saturday, June 21, 2014

      Malayalam Movie Review - Ohm Shanthi Oshaana (Rating 3.25/5 Star)

      Ohm Shanthi Oshaana Poster

      Ohm Shanthi Oshaana is a Pleasant couple of hours @ the movies!!!


      Ohm Shanthi Oshaana - Nazriya & Renji Panicker
      The base story-line of the movie is very very simple and not very original.  A school girl get's infatuated with an older, well respected, poor dude from the neighborhood.  What sets it apart is the delivery of the film in a very simple, bright and pleasant manor.

      Ohm Shanthi Oshaana - Nazriya & Aju VargheseThe movie is Narrated by Nazriya Nazim's character, Pooja Mathew.  It is very enjoyable to hear all the side notes going through her silly little mind along with some of the thoughts acted out.  What I loved about the movie is that it stayed at the same pace for the full duration. No crazy manufactured climax's, no dramatic music etc.  Just stays simple and pleasant.

      Ohm Shanthi Oshaana - Nazriya & Friends
      When watching the movie, you can tell that it's made with a lot of passion and not just cranked out of the Malayalam Movie Making Machine.

      Ohm Shanthi Oshaana - Nivin Pauly & Vineeth SreenivasanWhile the movie is really made around Nazriya Nazim (Pooja Mathew), Nivin Pauly (Giri Madhavan) does a good job with his character.  Aju Varghese, as David Kanjani, brings in plenty of comedy into the film.  Aju is certainly making a name for himself in Malayalam and I am a fan.  Vineeth Sreenivasan (Dr. Prasad Varkey), Renji Panicker (Pooja's Father), and director Lal Jose have minor but important roles in the film.  All in all, it's Nazriya and all her expressions that really makes the movie enjoyable and fun to watch. 

      Check it out for yourself.


      Ohm Shanthi Oshaana
      Theatrical Movie Poster
      Directed byJude Anthany Joseph
      Produced byAlvin Antony
      Screenplay byMidhun Manuel Thomas
      Jude Anthany Joseph
      Story byMidhun Manuel Thomas
      StarringNazriya Nazim
      Nivin Pauly
      Music byShaan Rahman


      Music (Stuff that's on my playlist):

      • Kattu Mooliyo
      • Mandaarame

      • Mounam Chorum Neram

      Friday, June 13, 2014

      Malayalam Movie Review - How Old Are You (Rating 3.75/5 Star)

      Malayalam How Old Are You Poster

      Great comeback from Manju Warrier!!!


      How Old Are You - Manju Warrier
      The much anticipated, highly publicized return of Manju Warrier did not disappoint.  She was arguably one of the best female actresses in Malayalam Film (for a very short period) before she decided to hang it all up and live the family life.  Although I wish the circumstances where different (pending divorce) as she made her comeback, I am happy to see her on the big screen again.

      Malayalam Film Industry often makes movies that touch on social issues, but it's not often that those issues can be controlled by the common man.
      How Old Are You - Manju Warrier
      How Old Are You touches on couple of areas which all of us can make a difference in, if we are to put our minds to it.  Overall it's a very positive film with a good message.  Manju Warrier is perfectly cast for the role.  She is successful in portraying some of the issues that someone in her mid 30's may go through w/ some humor, emotion and inspiration.  Although Kunchacko Boban's role is of a supporting character, he does it well along w/ others.  There is only one song in the movie and it's a beautiful one sung by Shreya Ghoshal called "Vijanathayil Pathi Vazhi".

      A great quote that is used in the movie:
      Success only comes to those who are not afraid to fail.
      All in all, I say How Old Are You is a Must Watch!!!


      How Old Are You
      How old are you.jpg
      Theatrical Release Poster
      Directed byRosshan Andrrews
      Produced byListin Stephen
      Written byBobby Sanjay
      Screenplay byBobby Sanjay
      StarringManju Warrier
      Kunchako Boban
      Lalu Alex
      Amritha Anil
      Music byGopi Sunder


      Music (Stuff that's on my playlist):

      • Vijanathayil Pathi Vazhi

      Friday, May 23, 2014

      Malayalam Movie Review - Punyalan Agarbattis (Rating 3.5/5 Star)

       Jayasurya as Joy Thakkolkaran made the movie!!!


      I will start of with the disclaimer that I am a fan of Jayasurya and many of his films.  I feel he is one of the actors in Malayalam that is a bridge between new and old generations (Similar to Kunchacko Boaban).  All that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Joy Thakkolkaran (Jayasurya) & Punyalan Agarbattis.  The movie was an enjoyable few hours of laughter put on top of a story line that touches on some social issues present in Kerala.

      While the mold of the movie may not be very original the cast and the screen play gives it life.  The pairing off Jayasurya with Aju Vargese is perfect.  You add in Thuthuru AKA Sreejith Ravi and Rachana Narayanankutty, it makes for a lot of laughter.  What puts it all over the top is the accent, it makes the dialogues in every seen fun to listen to.  (On a side note, Sreejith Ravi's father, the veteran TG Ravi along with Mala Aravindan have small roles in the film)

      All in all I would recommend this movie, if you are in the mood to watch a pure Malayalam comedy with a "lil" extra.

      P.S. Check out the song that Jayasurya sang for the movie as well.

      Sample Vadikettu:


      Punyalan Agarbattis
      Theatrical poster
      Directed byRanjith Sankar
      Produced byJayasurya
      Ranjith Sankar
      Written byRanjith Sankar
      Anil Kurian
      Nyla Usha
      Aju Varghese
      Rachana Narayanankutty
      Sreejith Ravi
      Music byBijibal


      Music (Stuff that's on my playlist):

      • Aashichavan
      • Poorangalude Pooram
      • Esho Parayunna (Can't find it on YouTube for some reason)