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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Malayalam Movie Review - Run Babby Run (Rating 3.25/5 Star)

Run Baby Run Poster

Not what I expect from a Mohanlal Movie directed by Joshiy, but....


Run Babby Run

Theatrical release poster
Directed byJoshiy
Produced byMilan Jaleel
Written bySachi
Amala Paul
Biju Menon
Aparna Nair
Music byRatheesh Vegha


Mohanlal, Amala Paul
Well what can I say.  Overall it's a watchable movie.  I had my hopes kind of high when I went to see this one, because of the last Mohanlal Movie I saw (Grandmaster).  This is not even close.  In fact, I continue to question why such a talented and loved actor such as Mohanlal is not more picky with his projects.  That being said, as I have mentioned before, the audience should take a large chunk of the blame.  As Run Babby Run is also a "Hit" movie.  To be clear, my issue is not with Mohanlal's delivery of his character but with his selection of roles.

Mohanlal, Biju Menon
I expect better from a Mohanlal/joshi combination, but overall it's an "OK"/"Typical" Malayalam movie.  Mohanlal does deliver his character very well as one would expect.  Biju Menon, as always, makes the most of his character.  It does have some interesting twists that would keep the audience interested.  

While the casting of Amala Paul as the love interest of Mohanlal's character does not fit in my opinion due to the visible age difference, she does an OK job with her character.  It certainly helps that she is cute, so I think the audience will forgive the casting decisions.

The movie incorporates some of the very typical Malayalam Movie Cliches:

  • As it is typical with many Malayalam Movies, there is a very big miss understanding that shapes the story.  Often times this miss understanding is something that can be cleared up w/ couple of lines on the telephone/e-mail etc. but it never is.
  • Why is it that whenever a fight sequence happens, there seems to be big panes of glasses that always seems to get into the way of the bad guys? lol
  • At least Run Babby Run stayed away from the norm of the bad guys always being in a warehouse (Kinda).


Music (Stuff that's on my playlist):

  • There is really only one song in the movie, Aattumanal Payayil, sung beautifully by Mohanlal himself.  It's really a very nice song.  Questionable visuals, but never the less a beautiful song.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Malayalam Movie Review - Bachelor Party (Rating 3.0/5 Star)

The whole movie had a modern feel to it!!!  


I would not necessarily classify the movie as a "Different" or Vathyasthamaya movie, but it is certainly one with some "Coolness" blended in to the delivery.  Everything from the Cinematography to the costumes are not typical to a Malayali or a Malayali Film.  I had read on Wikipedia that the Film is a remake of a Hong Kong action film, which might explain some of the above mentioned factors.

Amal Neerad made a movie which I had fun watching.  Although it seemed as if the setup of the movie was a lot more entertaining than the finish.