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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Malayalam Movie Review - Theevram (Rating 3.25/5 Star)

Theevram Poster

A Real good Malayalam Thriller!!!


Theevram Poster
theatrical poster
Directed byRoopesh Peethambaran
Produced byV. C. Ismayil
Written byRoopesh Peethambaran
StarringDulquer Salmaan
Shikha Nair
Vinay Forrt
Music byRoby


Going into the movie, I knew it was some sort of a violent thriller from all the previews.  Coming out of the movie, I thought it was a pretty well put together movie with couple of strong performances that kept me interested throughout (for the most part).

Theevram Cast
The director/writer Roopesh Peethambaran pulls an artistic stunt and gives you the climax in the first part of the movie.  While this is a nice twist, parts of the second half was a bit weak.  Especially the attempt at some comedy in the middle. To the movies credit, it does finish strong.  Watching the climax (at the beginning of the movie), I questioned many of the predictable turns the movie was taking and started writing the movie off.  I was pleasently surprised and let's just say, the story is well thought out.

Apart from Dulquer Salmaan and Sreenivasaan, I hardly recognized anyone (Couple more veterans in small roles but that's really about it).  That being said, the movie is well cast with individuals that fit the character and deliver.

Noteworthy Performances:

Dulquer Salmaan:

He is certainly delivering on his movies.  This is another stellar performance from the young Dulquer Salmaan.


Theevram Sreenivasan
I think when people see his name in a movie, it's a given that he will do a great job.  It's no different here.


Music (Stuff that's on my playlist):

  • Ee Pakal Ariyathe

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Malayalam TV Series: Marimayam on Mazhavil Manorama

Marimayam Cartoon Poaster

Marimayam Cast
Recently we came across a Malayalam Comedy Series on YouTube called "Marimayam" on Mazhavil Manorama.

For the episodes I have seen thus far, the general theme seems to revolve around interactions with Public/Private Offices in Kerala.

This may not be for everyone as the language is a little tough (heavy accent/slang etc.) at times to understand for those of you who do not have a good grasp of Malayalam (No Subtitles .

Very Very Funny!!! 

Marimayam Cast
While I have enjoyed the story line of each episode (At least the once I have seen), it's just taken to the next level by the deliver of each Character by the actors.  The same set of actors take on the different roles in each episodes.  Yet they manage to bring uniqueness and a sense of realness each time.

Noteworthy Characters:

These are just some of the main characters.  Every episode seems to bring on new faces (some recurring), that are all stellar   

Valsala Madam (Rachana Narayanankutty):

Marimayam Rachana Narayanankutty
- Don't know if it was intended this way, but often times she steels the show

Sathyaseelan (Manikandan):

Marimayam Sathyaseelan Manikandan
- Seems to be the most versital actor who takes on the main characters

Moydu (Vinod Kovoor):

Marimayam Moydu Vinod Koovoor
- Often time Muslim roles w/ the accent and he knocks it out of the park.

Sheethalan (Niyas Bakker):

Marimayam Sheethalan Niyas Bakker
- First remember seeing him in the movie Ordinary, funny then, funny now!!!

Lolithan (SP Sreekumar):

Marimayam Lolithan SP Sreekumar
- This dudes laugh is just Laugh out Loud funny!!!

SoyanVaren (Grossly misspelled):

Marimayam Soyan Varen
- I recognize him from many movies latest of which being Ayalum Njanum Thammil.  He does not seem to be in a lot of episodes, but he SHOULD BE.  I hope they incorporate him more as the dude is FUNNY!!!

Beyond all, given that most episodes are like 20 mins long, it does not require a huge time commitment to enjoy.

So overall: check them out on YouTube and best of luck to the team to continue keeping us laughing!!!!  

A sample Vedikettu: This is the funniest episode I have seen thus far

As with any reputable show, of course, there is a Facebook Page for Marimayam: "Like" it!!!