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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Malayalam Movie Review - Thattathin Marayathu (Rating 4/5 Star)

WoW!!! Who said there are not good movies being made in Malayalam No More!!!!!


Thattathin Marayathu

Official Teaser poster
Directed byVineeth Sreenivasan
Produced bySreenivasan
Written byVineeth Sreenivasan
Music byShaan Rahman


No Superstars, No "Usual" Side Kicks, No Stunts, Not many songs = Approx 2 Hrs of Pure enjoyment.  I'm writing this review hours after I saw the movie, so maybe I'm being a little generous with my 4.5/5 rating.  All in all this was just a beautiful movie, that was well thought out and executed perfectly.

I live in the US and usually when we go to the theater to watch a movie, often times there is only a handful of people in the theater.  So last night we went to the show right on time (as we usually do) wondering how many people will be at the show.  My wife and I were actually joking that there is probably less than 10 people there.  To our surprise, we wake in and the theater was near full.  We actually saw this movie from the 2ND ROW, and we loved it.
Although I have been hearing about the movie from my Wife, I was not expecting anything great as I did not really know anyone involved w/ the movie other than Vineeth Sreenivasan.  The movie does not feel like it's done by and/or made by Newcomers (maybe that'ts because these guys are not new, just new to me?).  When you watch a normal Malayalam movie, there are a certain set of supporting characters that we are just accustomed to seeing.  Everyone in the movie has purpose I felt, and everyone, not just the main characters, does thier job well and brings an importance to his/her character.

Noteworthy Performances:

Direction - Vineeth Sreenivasan:

Vineeth Sreenivasan, the Director is hear to stay, atleast I hope so.  As I mentioned before, watching the movie, you don't get the feel that this is done by newcomers.  "No stone was left unturned".  When watching the movie, the importance was not only given to the person w/ the "lines".  For Example, towards the end there is a seen in the police station, as the dialog is going on, you can see in the background another police officer combing is hair.  The kicker is the dude is almost completley bald. or a simple shot that pans a wall has an advertisement written on it, which made the audience laugh.  Often times we get movie where it stays funny or interesting for certain parts of the movie, but in this one, it's sustained for the entire duration.  Malayalam film needs people like this that put value in "Quality" rather than churning movies one after another before there name is gone.

All in All, I feel it's a MUST WATCH!!!

Lead Male - Nivin Pauly (Vinod): 

This dude has been making his rounds on Youtube/Facebook lately, I see him popping up all over.  Although he was in Malarvadi, I don't really remember him from it (I think I'll go back and watch).  He has acted (not sure if he sung too) in a beautiful song from an album (Also on my playlist).

He does a remarkable job w/ his character.  Some of his expressions are so genuine.

Lead Female - Isha Talwar (Ayisha):

She does not have many lines, yet she is what the movie revolves around.  The girl is drop dead gorgeous.  The only knock I would have is that she does not have a "Malayali" look to her.  But like I mentioned before, she is HOT.

Supporting Cast:

Brings it all together:
Aju Varghese (Abdu) - The best friend: Certain quirky things he does just cracked the audience up.  For example how he picks up the phone saying "Hello Chinju or Manju" from his sleep.  Or how he yells at the Car that goes by as Vinod is yelling at him etc. etc...
Manoj K. Jayan (S.I. Premkumar) - Kind of helps narrate the movie. He does a Trivandrum accent, while it does not come close to a rajamanikyam, he does well.  I think this might be what most people wish for in a cop.
Sreenivasan (Abdul Rahman) - Very small role, no more than couple of lines.  Sreenivasan is Sreenivasan - Enough Said
There are many others that add to the success of this movie, go watch it!!!


Music (Stuff that's on my playlist):

  • Muthuchippi
  • Anuraagathin Velayil

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