Nivin Pauly at it again!!!


Oru Vadakkan Selfi: It was a hugely anticipated movie and for the most part has lived up to those expectations.  By many it is considered to be one of the best films released in 2015 (thus far).

OVS was, in my opinion, very entertaining.  Nivin Pauly seems to be the hot hand in Malayalam currently, and the pairing of Nivin Pauly and Aju Vargese, once again, is golden. 

The only thing I wished the movie elaborated on a bit more was the beginning college scenes.  I found it to be very entertaining, but it just kind of died all of a sudden and never came back.  Felt like there was more that could have been exploited for even more entertainment (Very minor).

As I am very late w/ these comments, I am sure most people have already seen it.  If not, do check it out.


Oru Vadakkan Selfie
Oru Vadakkan Selfie First Look Poster.jpg
First-look poster
Directed byG. Prajith
Produced byVinod Shornur
Written byVineeth Sreenivasan
Music byShaan Rahman
CinematographyJomon T. John
Vinod Shornur. Distribution: LJ Films & Popcorn Entertainments Australia
Release dates
  • 27 March 2015
Running time
142 minutes


Music (Stuff that's on my playlist):

  • Kaikkottum Kandittilla

  • Enne Thallendammaava

  • Neelambalin
  • Paarvanavidhuve 

  • Chennai Pattanam