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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Malayalam Movie Preview - "ABCD - American Born Confused Desi"

Saw this being promoted and have to give a shot out just for the fact that I see "Giri Giri" (A.K.A. Jacob Gregory) in the poster.  For those of you that have watched the series Akkara Kazchakal, mainly on YouTube, you will be very familiar w/ GiriGiri.  For those of you that have not watched Akkarakazchakal,what are you waiting for?????

I think Akkarakazchakal may have been a bigger hit in the US than in Kerala but GiriGiri was one of the two main characters from the series.  Glad to see that he will be seen on the big screen along side a mainstream up-and-coming actor such as Dulquer Salmaan.

I hope George Thekkinmootil (Josekutty Valiyakallumkal) follows soon.

Looks fun.  Will certainly be looking forward to it.


Akkarakazchakal is a must watch for anyone that loves to laugh!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Malayalam Movie Review - Husbands in Goa (Rating 3.0/5 Star)

I enjoyed every second of this movie!!!


Husbands in Goa

Theatrical poster
Directed bySaji Surendran
Produced byRonnie Screwvala
Siddharth Roy Kapoor
Written byKrishna Poojapura
Asif Ali
Rima Kallingal
Remya Nambeesan
Music byM. G. Sreekumar


Husbands in Goa was the first film that was actually "Previewed" on  In that preview I had stated that "It's sucks that my expectations are high now (Most of the time, things don't work out when my expectations are high), but I hope Husbands in Goa lives up to it!!!!" I am very happy to be writing this review to let everyone know that Husbands in Goa lived up to what it promised to do, MAKE YOU LAUGH!!!.  

While it's not a sequel of "Happy Husbands", it's certainly made with the a similar theme in mind.  I think the team has a nice brand in there hands and hope that they keep making more films that captures the underlying essence of the "Husbands" theme.

Indrajith is turning into one of my favorite Malayalam Actors.  He is excellent in many roles but brilliant in comedy.  I loved the casting for this movie.  I hope more movies are made w/ these four as they were extremely entertaining in this Comedy film.  While the girls in the movie are not the central roles, they round out a great job done in casting.

Highlights of Husbands in Goa:
  • Train Scenes
    • The first half off the movie features Indarijith, Jayasurya, Lal and Asif Ali in the train.  They create an environment of enjoyment where I wish I was on that train w/ them.
  • Number 20 Madras Mail Song "Pichakap...."
    • Ohh what a SONG!!!! Loved it....Very happy that they did justice to the original.
  • Opening Credits
    • The Enjoyment starts with the Opening Credits, where it setups the lives of the "Three Husbands".
  • English Subtitles
    • Believe it or not there are a lot of Young Second Generation Malayalees abroad that really would like to watch and enjoy Malayalam Movies but are not able to because there are no subtitles.  Often times they watch more Hindi Movies than Malayalam for that reason.  I am very glad to see that some of the newer movies are incorporating Subtitles.
  • The Fake Swami
    • There is a "Fake Swami" featured towards the beginning of the movie along w/ Jaisurya.  Just Laugh Out Loud funny!!!!
  • Subtle Visual Comedy
    • While there were several, I remember one T-Shirt word by Asif Ali's character I think: "I'm 6 do you want to be 9"
  • Funny Dialog's
    • Obviously there are plenty of one liners and comedy sequences in Husbands in Goa.  Out of respect, I am not going to try to butcher them and write them here. 
  • Closing Credits
    • Truly Unique.  I can't remember ever seeing something like this in a Malayalam Film where credit is truly given to the people that worked on the film.  It is done in a way where the audience, rather than walking out as a set of names are scrolling across the screen, actually watches and sees the people behind the scenes.
One area I thought the move could have done better in is the Climax/Ending.  I feel a little more thought could have been put in to make it on par w/ the rest of the movie.

All in all it's just a fun fun movie.  One that I think anyone who just want to Laugh out Loud for 2 hours should and MUST watch.


Music (Stuff that's on my playlist):

  • Husbands In Goa - Title Song
  • Neela Neela
  • The Best for LAST: Pichakapoo