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I'm no Expert!!! 

But I am someone who truly enjoys spending a couple of hours watching a good movie, especially a good Malayalam Movie.  Although I primarily watch Malayalam/English movies, occasionally a Hindi and/or Tamil flick gets into my watch list when recommended by others.

For anyone that watches Malayalam Movies, you know that a lot of the good movies, the classics, have been in the past. I often hear from friends that there are no good movies coming out now!!! While I agree that there are quite a few “Bad” movies that are churned out by the industry, the amount of “Good” once have gone up significantly each year.  We are no longer tied to just a hand full of superstars making movies, but a large number of actors working on good projects.

The inspiration for this blog came from constant requests from friends asking “What is a good Malayalam Movie to watch?”.  

Given that we live in this constantly connected world today that allows us to be more efficient at many things, but it also leads to a very very busy lifestyle.  Time seems to be the hottest commodity as no one has enough of it.  My hope is to cut out the crap (Bad Movies) and bring you only the good stuff, so that your time spent watching a Malayalam Movie is memorable rather than regretful of the time wasted on a bad flick.