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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Malayalam Movie Review - ABCD (Rating 3.5/5 Star)

ABCD Malayalam Poster

"Johns & Korah" = Modern day "Dasan & Vijayan"


I can't remember another Malayalam movie that was as anticipated and hyped as ABCD.  The marketing partners as well as the cast did a masterful job of publicizing and keeping the fans updated throughout the making of the film.  Even us at Malayalam Film Blog actually wrote a Preview about the film in October of 2012.  The hype for the film is especially evident when looking at the analytic of this site and seeing that the ABCD Preview received one of the highest "Hits" on a daily basis showing the interst of the Malayalam film lovers.

ABCD Cast Dulquer, Jacob Gregory, Aparna
While the movie does have some of the veteran "role players" of the Malayalam Film Industry, the heavy lifting of the film is done by new comers.  Dulquer (If he can be called a newcomer) , Gregory, Aparna Gopinath (Mathumitha), SP Sreekumar etc. do a masterful job of keeping the viewers entertained throughout.  Hats off to the creators and Martin Prakkat for putting it all together.  

One of the best quotes about ABCD I have seen (via twitter) was: "Johns & Korah, the new generation Dasan &
Aparna Gopinath, Tovino Thomas
Vijayan".  The pairing of Dulquer Salmaan (Johns) & Jacob Gregory (Korah) is spot on.  They complement each other very well and likely will go down as the reason for the success of the film.

Going into the movie expect nothing but comical and playful three hours and you will not be disappointed.  The general gist of the movie is about a couple of privileged kids from the US trying to get acclimated to Kerala on there own.   The opposite of what Dasan and Vijayan went through!!!

Only one question remains: When is the Sequel coming out?

defiantly a must watch, don't miss it.

Notes/ABCD Dialog:
  • Dulquer Salmaan sure knows how to pick winners.  Keep it up.
  • Jacob Gregory (Giri Giri from Akkarakazhchakal) was AWESOME!!!
  • Tovino Thomas, the pseudo villain Akhilesh Varma, did good.
  • SP Sreekumar (Lloyd Fernandez) from Marimayam was entertaining for the small part that he had.
  • "Njangal thammil oru bendam ondu, mala bendham"
  • Korah's ill timed one liners were great and kept the playful tone always
  • "I think our balls are not safe here "
  •   "Which asshole invented this kakkoos..."
  • "To all country people..." 


ABCD: American-Born Confused Desi
ABCD Malayalam movie Poster
Official Poster
Directed byMartin Prakkat
Produced byShibu Thameens
Screenplay byMartin Prakkat
Naveen Bhaskar
Story bySooraj-Neeraj
StarringDulquer Salmaan
Jacob Gregory
Aparna Gopinath
Tovino Thomas
Music byGopi Sunder


Music (Stuff that's on my playlist):

  • Johnny Mone Johnny
  • Making off Johnny Mone Johnny

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